Unlock Team Resilience

Is your organization ready for the next change or challenge? How do you know?

Today’s business environment is fast, volatile, and lean. The change capability of our organizations has become critical. It’s not enough to hope it’s there or to wait until after a challenge to find out. We need to be proactive. Specifically, we need to know that our workforce can respond productively to everyday change or surprising adversity. That capability is called resilience.

Focusing on organizational resilience is a strategy that leverages change capacity assets built up by employees as they work together. Workgroups with strong resilience capabilities respond quicker, perform better, and generate more shared learning. A resilient, change ready workforce can diagnose and fix, gather and share information, find and use needed expertise, and rely on trusted relationships when risk and innovation is required, often under pressure.

Sonnet Organization Consulting helps leaders and practitioners unlock this valuable and often untapped power and works towards breakthrough results – a hard to replicate strategic capability that propels you forward in the midst of constant change.

Here are 12 benefits of working with us to measure and strengthen your organization’s resilience capability.

  1. Get your organization ready for inevitable change and challenge.
  2. Be proactive. Don’t wait until after a project launch or a crisis.
  3. Offer the 10-minute online Organizational Resilience Capacity Survey© right now.
  4. Get specific, relevant baseline data on resilience capacity as defined by observable behaviors and beliefs in your workgroups.
  5. Applaud resilience in your company.
  6. Demonstrate respect for employees and reinforce what you value.
  7. Learn your company’s resilience strengths.
  8. Get a valuable view of variation important to explore.
  9. Get a sophisticated analysis of results that highlights priorities for action.
  10. Propose an accountable, data-based action plan.
  11. Identify vital conditions in your company that can be changed or strengthened to support resilience.
  12. Monitor results and adjust strategy.

I look forward to discussing how to measure, strengthen, and fully activate this resilience advantage in your organization.