Sonnet Organization Speaking

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Why Organizational Resilience?

The study of organizational resilience is an emerging science. There is increasing interest in why some organizations do better in volatile times than others. What do we know and how can we make a difference in our own organizations?

Organizational Resilience for a Sustainable Community

The movement for sustainability in our community infrastructure and in our environmental interactions has raised the importance of institutional stability as a social imperative. At the same time, we need our organizations to reinvent, to adapt, and to innovate. How can a vital organizational readiness serve to bridge the need for both stability and reinvention?

An Employee-Built Change Readiness Advantage

Do we simply expect employees to respond quickly and effectively to challenge and adversity? Waiting until after an event to assess that response is risky. Why not be proactive? Here’s how to develop workgroup resilience as a deliberate change advantage.

Including Organizational Resilience in the Reinvention of Human Resources

The role of Human Resources has a powerful influence on the change readiness of an organization. The meaning and function of Human Resources is currently being reassessed. Maximizing organizational resilience by supporting workgroup capabilities is a priority a renewed Human Resources role should embrace.

Fighting Change Failure

Improvements initiatives, planned projects, and mergers along with responses to unexpected or adverse events have notoriously high variation in success rates. What are we missing? We maintain that we underestimate the people side of change. We don’t use a disciplined evidence-based process for understanding. But, we could! Here’s how.

I look forward to discussing how to measure, strengthen, and fully activate this resilience advantage in your organization.