Facilitation and Training

Sonnet Organization Facilitation and Training

We excel in group facilitation toward achieving an agreed upon meeting goal in an efficient amount of time. Group discussions are often needed to

  • Prepare for an organizational resilience capacity assessment
  • Share assessment results so that they are refined, understood, and owned
  • Gather careful feedback so that context can be established
  • Accomplish important analysis before action
  • Establish tasks that build on what people, especially managers, are already committed to doing
  • Ensure supports and resources are in place
  • Remove any barriers to accomplishment
  • Evaluate progress
  • Monitor change capability in practice

Our background in training allows us to present workshops and multi-part learning series that are customized, rooted in data, tied to specific competencies, and connected to practical, real world issues. Here are sample learning sessions we present.

  • Building organizational resilience capacity as a strategic resource for change readiness – an overview
  • The power of group behaviors as a force for organizational change capability
  • Vital conditions that support (or deter) your organization’s employee-built change readiness
  • Skill building for specific resilience competencies
  • Making resilience building part of Six Sigma Lean and project management efforts
  • Leadership and management’s role and responsibility in creating organizational change capability
  • Pursuing organizational resilience as part of transformative business change

I look forward to discussing how to measure, strengthen, and fully activate this resilience advantage in your organization.