Sonnet Organization Consulting

Our consulting practice leverages and extends the value of our Organizational Resilience Capacity Assessment© to deliberately strengthen change readiness for transformative results.

In partnership with sponsors, we

  • Prepare for an optimal pulse survey of specific resilience-related characteristics
  • Enable specific background questions important to the organization
  • Administer the 10-minute employee survey (Sample a survey section here)
  • Rigorously analyze quantitative and qualitative data
  • Generate results and recommended priorities for an accountable focus on resilience-building, highlighting existing strengths in particular
  • Review the report and recommendations and establish targeted items

Working with our stakeholders through dialogue, observation, and review, we

  • Situate client development priorities, both strengths and opportunities, in our behavior model of organizational resilience capacity
  • Find out how each targeted belief or behavior is supported (or deterred) in the day to day workings of the organization using our analytical tools
  • Investigate where we currently are with achieving each prioritized characteristic and where we want to be in the context of this organization
  • Identify specific tasks, accountabilities, and timeline to achieving each objective
  • Facilitate implementation so that targeted improvement is truly obtained


  • Interview those from whom you must have cooperation to discover both pathways and barriers to a desired action
  • Identify connections to current initiatives or priorities; for example, “How can this resilience support action help you do more of what you already want to do?”
  • Translate what’s learned into communications, objectives, and strategies for getting a plan task done
  • Teach and coach sponsors, managers, and groups about organizational resilience
  • Monitor and report progress and recommend adjustments


Longitudinal study

We recommend the study of organizational change performance over time, looking for data that show the effects of implementing a focus on increasing organizational resilience capabilities. We recommend this for achieving a maximum return on investment.


Using collected data, we work with our stakeholders to prioritize resilience capabilities for focused attention. Then, we identify specific drivers or deterrents to each capability using all quadrants of our model. We ask: “Where are we”; “Where do we want to be”; and “How do we achieve this?” This process results in a set of tasks, accountabilities, and a timeline to completion. We then provide step by step assistance to get real world results.


“Dr. Sonnet is not only knowledgeable about resilience but capable of generalizing her knowledge about resilient corporations and individuals to schools and youth. Her perspective and expertise helped me achieve my own goals of assessing and strengthening resilience in youth. In my experience, her strength is in assessing a difficult situation and recommending appropriate actions or approaches as solutions.”

– Jean Wallace, M.Ed., HEART, Healing, Empowerment, And Resilience Training

I look forward to discussing how to measure, strengthen, and fully activate this resilience advantage in your organization.