Why Care About Organizational Resilience

Leading for Change Capability



Dr. Sonnet talks about organizational change readiness with Dr. Erika Jacobi, LC Global Consulting

Today’s environment is characterized by rapid change, consistent danger of disruption, and growing insecurity. Operating in such unparalleled uncertainty keeps organizational resilience a hot topic.
As “stronger, better, faster” is often not enough to guarantee a company’s survival, Drs. Sonnet and Jacobi dedicate an LC GLOBAL® CHANGE TALK to the topic: Organizational Change Capability and Resilience. Dr. Marie Sonnet shares her research and a review of the latest findings with the audience. Dr. Sonnet is the co-editor of the Fielding University Monograph on resilience and is a fellow at Fielding’s Institute for Social Innovation. Dr. Jacobi is the Change, Growth, and Innovation Lead at LC Global Consulting and a fellow at Fielding’s Institute for Social Innovation.