Organizational Resilience Capacity – An Unopened Asset?

Can our organizations afford hidden or unrealized assets – unnoticed, undeveloped, or untapped resources?

Organizational resilience capacity as built up by employees is one of those quiet assets that can go unrecognized yet be vital to responding to change and adversity. We could have workgroup resilience strengths we’re not deliberately supporting, leaving their strategic potential to chance. We may even be unknowingly discouraging them.

Since running lean operations requires that we maximize the return on all our resources and do more with less, we need to search for overlooked potential and quite frankly, find the “more in the less” we have.

An HBR Analytics Report (2016), Building Capacity for Change, mentions positive change resources leaders can tap into “immediately” (p. 6). I maintain that everyday employee actions, beliefs and behaviors associated with collective resilience capacity, are this kind of resource. They can be deliberately assessed and strengthened for a valuable change advantage. Let’s open the envelope, please!

Is building resilience capacity a topic in your organization?

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