Criteria for an Optimal Survey Experience

We want to ensure an optimal survey experience for your organization. This includes achieving not only maximum participation so that your results are most representative but gaining an honest, genuine engagement among participants with the topics of collective resilience capacity and change readiness. We recommend working together in advance of the survey to achieve a YES to these criteria for each of your respondents.

  • To maximize the ROI on a survey investment, we highly recommend that attention be paid to setting the stage for survey success.
  • Let’s work together to plan communication that will enable a YES to each of these experience criteria below for every survey respondent.
  • Items are stated in a way that could be used in an experience sampling study. Such a study could be done by interview and/or survey with a sample of respondents.
  1. I understood why I was being asked to take the survey.
  2. I understood the topic of the survey.
  3. I was willing, not pressured, to participate.
  4. I was confident that my responses were confidential and reported only in the aggregate by external researchers.
  5. I had easy access to the survey.
  6. The survey items were very clearly stated so I knew what to think about – no guessing.
  7. I could relate to the survey items; that is, I could find my own experience there.
  8. I found the survey items interesting, even thought provoking.
  9. The response I wanted to give to an item was available.
  10. The survey was an acceptable length – long enough to explore my thinking but not tedious to complete.
  11. I had the chance to say more in a comment.
  12. I had the chance to see a summary of my responses and what they meant.
  13. I could choose to print my personal response summary and save it to my files.
  14. After the survey, I had the chance to talk about the survey topic and its content with colleagues.
  15. I saw a company report of the aggregate results of the survey including what the company learned from asking us to complete it.
  16. Looking back, I’m glad I participated in the survey.
  17. I could see how other business units in my company or even other companies could find such a survey useful.

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