Analyzing Your Prioritized Items

Via survey and interview, we collect data on the presence of specific beliefs and behaviors associated with organizational resilience. These data are analyzed to create a table of strengths to leverage as well as potential faultlines. Items can then be prioritized with our client partners. Using the four quadrants in our Behavioral Model of Organizational Resilience Capacity and other tools, each prioritized item can be studied. The goal is to get to specific strategies that can be implemented to power those items prioritized for action.

Here is a sample of this process. The client chose to focus on the item, “We tend to find explanations first rather than to blame.” Using the vital condition, Cultural Norms, they asked, “Which everyday expectations, messages, assumptions, and stories in our environment support or deter this belief? Then, they started with one of those identified norms, A Process-first Orientation, to get to specifics. Use of another tool, the A3 Report, can help visualize specific objectives and take them to accountable action.

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