Why Us?

Why Sonnet Organization Consulting?

We bring over twenty years of experience and study in quality improvement and organizational development to increasing the change capability of vital organizations. We work with valued colleagues and partners to customize our assessment and consultation services and to deepen our understanding of each client’s unique environment and objectives.

We seek to recognize and strengthen group resilience competencies in the client setting and to translate those often-unrecognized assets into a deliberate advantage. In tough times, we maintain that there may be “more in the less” resources you have to work with. Through assessment, analysis, facilitation, and training, we help clients create a readiness for what’s next.

“Dr. Sonnet is a valued colleague who has made a major contribution to understanding the power of resilience. She is breaking new ground in demonstrating how employees, with supportive conditions, build up resilience capacity in organizations truly capable of change. Those who work with her benefit from her insight, observation, analysis, and consultation.”
– Dr. Constance Corley, Professor, School of Leadership Studies, Fielding Graduate University and Co-Host/Producer, Experience Talks radio show, KPFK-FM

Sustainable organizations can navigate volatility. They recover faster, better, and with more shared learning for the next time. Instead of waiting until after an event to see how they did, we help organizations create a storehouse of capabilities in advance. Like money in the bank, resilient organizations draw upon ready resources built daily by employee interactions. Using a targeted pulse survey, we make these assets visible, deliberate, and actionable.

Sonnet Organization Consulting gives change leaders, managers, human resource professionals, quality practitioners, talent developers, risk managers, project directors, and other stakeholders specific data on where and how to reinforce change capable strengths. Uniquely, we start with what’s going right. We also provide consultation, facilitation, and training on how to address areas where variation represents risk.

Focusing on collective change capability creates a strategic advantage in a fast-changing business environment. Sonnet Organization Consulting specializes in creating your organization’s change advantage.

I look forward to discussing how to measure, strengthen, and fully activate this resilience advantage in your organization.